Saturday, October 29, 2011


After over 4 long months, here are three new tapes! Samples now posted!
HOMF012 - FICKDICHINSKNIE / INSOMNIAC split c20 - Released 10/29/11 - Limited to 48 - $6ppd
The first new one is for the noisefiends out there. Both sides chock full of harsh noise / power electronics. Filthy and deranged.

HOMF013 - DISLEKSICK / HUMAN EXTERMINATION PROJECT split c30 - Released 10/29/11 - Limited to 64 - $6ppd
DISLEKSICK lay out nearly 15 minutes of feedback drenched noisecore! HEP responds with repetitive misanthropic musique concrete! Listen to this tape before committing mass murder.

HOMF014 - HARSH SUPPLEMENT / I DIED split c16 - Released 10/29/11 - Limited to 51 - $6pppd
HS blast out heaps of dirty noisecore while I DIED responds with ear-shredding harsh noise! Noisecore and harsh noise unite!

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